About Us


Sri Jagannath Society of Greater Chicago is a 501 (C) 3 approved Non-Profit Religious, Cultural, Educational, and Philanthropic Organization in greater Chicago land, USA. Its goal is to serve the community through the practice of century old Sri Jagannath Culture or “Sanatana Dharma” (the eternal way of life) that is based on fundamental values of humanity: love, compassion, unity, equality, and social justice. It performs ritualistic services to Lord Jagannath, spiritual and educational service to community, and charitable services to poor, needy, and socially disadvantaged people at local and international level. The organization is managed by volunteers with full Devotion, Dedication, Donation, and Determination to serve the purpose of SJSGC and achieve its goals.


In 2006 a passionate group of Odiya people dreamed about celebrating the world famous “Ratha Jatra” (Chariot Festival) of Lord Jagannatha. After months long hard work the dream came to true, young Odiya devotees built the Chariot. The first “Ratha Jatra” was celebrated in Hari Om Temple premise with great enthusiasm and grandeur. Since then the chariot continues to roll every year on Ratha Jatra festival. In 2007 a new organization “Sri Jagannath Society of Greater Chicago” was registered as non-profit religious and philanthropic organization. In 2008 performed first “Pratistha” of Lord Jagannath in Bishnu Shiva Shakti Temple inside Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Aurora, IL. Since then it is carrying out the daily worship and special devotee sponsored Puja on every Sunday. In 2010 it performed Pratistha of the main deities. Along with daily worship it celebrates a number of major festivals of Lord Jagannatha. In 2014, the temple location has moved to BPA-Mata Ji temple in Elgin, IL.
In addition to regular Puja serviced to Lord, it is also conducting various charitable activities such as food donation drive, school supply donation drive to support poors people and children of Aurora, IL, donated to Haiti Earthquake victims, supported a orphanage center in Cuttack Odisha India. Charity has been a mjor part of its annual activities. It believes in “Service to mankind is service to Lord”. Given below a chronology of major events:
• 2006 – Rath Yatra started in 2006
• 2007 – SJSGC organization created
• 2008 – Pratistha of representative deities
• 2009 – Started Annual Food donation drive,
Donation to Haiti earthquake victims
Fund raising event started
• 2010 – Pratistha of main deities of Lord Jagannath
• 2010 – SJSGC got approval for 501 C 3 tax-exempt status
• 2011 – Pratistha of Mahalaxmi, Durga Devi
Started Suna Vesha of Lord Jagannath
Started Back-To-School supply donation drive
Helped poor of Orissa for Kidney transplant
• 2012 –Gajannan vesha of Lord Jagannath on Bahuda day
Bana Bhoji Besha of Lord Jagannath on Janmastami
Durga Puja
• 2014 – Temple location moved to BPA Mata-Ji temple in Elgin, IL
• Pratistha of a new set of Deities
• Aug 2015 Acquired own land for temple.
• Pratistha Puja at new location.