Sunday Puja

Sri Jagannath Society of Greater Chicago is following the culture of Lord Jagannath at Puri to the extent possible. It performs regular ritualistic services to Lord and celebrates various festivals related to Lord Jagannath and other deities in the temple.
In addition to daily worship services by the priest, every Sunday special PUJA is sponsored by one of the devotee. The temple priest helps the devotee family in Sankalpa and Puja. The sponsoring family performs this special Puja and Archana along with his/her family and friends.
Sunday Puja is open to all devotees to join and pray to Lord together. SJSGC invites all devotees to take part in Sunday Puja, Pray to Lord Jagannath, get HIS blessings, and feel the unique vibration of the spiritual environment. It is very empowering and gratifying.
Every Sunday Puja starts by 12.30 PM unless notified differently in the weekly newsletter, e-Prabha. Check e-Prabha regularly for any time change and additional information


• Make a wish to perform a Sunday Puja, decide a Sunday
• Check Sunday Puja calendar for availability of the date, if not, look for another Sunday
• Reserve the date by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or contact Puja Services (Ph. 201-673-8533 / 847-850-8586)
• Coordinate with Puja Services at least 5 days before the Puja day to arrange Puja materials and Prasad.
• For Puja bring
o Flower one bunch and/or 3 bunch for garland,
o one coconut,
o 5 (Pan) leaves f or 1 Mango leave bunch
o 2/3 pounds of fruits (Apple/Orange/Banana/Pears/Grapes etc.)
• You may make the garland for Lord or ask Puja Services to arrange the garland at a nominal donation ($15 suggested)
• Rice Bhogo is cooked in the temple to offer to Lord, home cooked food for Bhogo is restricted
• Sunday Puja service donation is $51 to SJSGC, you may consider a “Dakshina” to priest separately
• After Puja, authentic Indian style food arranged by the sponsor family and other devotees are shared among all
• Temple allows strictly vegetarian food with no onion and garlic ingredients.
• SJSGC can arrange the food at a nominal donation of $5 per person, Sponsor family will need to coordinate with Temple food service 5 days before Puja
• For serving food, sponsor family is expected to bring paper products (Plates, bowls, spoons, foam glass, napkins, drinking water, and serving spoon). Temple food service can arrange these materials at a nominal donation, consult food committee for details.
SJSGC recommends paying the Puja service donation through credit card/PayPal account on its website

Sunday Puja Sponsorship: $51