Shri Jagannath Society of Greater Chicago (SJSGC) is a non-profit organization. It is managed by its volunteer members working in various committees and SJSGC Bylaws and guidelines. The management adheres to the 4D principle laid out by the organization known as the SJSGC’s Pillars of Endurance:

  • Devotion– Strong belief in Lord Jagannath, its culture, and Charity
  • Dedication– SJSGC first
  • Donation– Financial support in every possible way
  • Determination– Can do attitude, team spirit, and cohesiveness

Board of Trustees

Consisting of founding members and self-motivated, dedicated members with long history of full commitment to the goal and objectives of the organization.

Executive Working Committee

A selected/elected group of 3 to 5 dedicated and self-motivated members managing the day-to-day activities.

Working Committees

  • Puja Service
  • Prasad/Food service
  • Finance and fund raising
  • Communication
  • Cultural
  • Charitable service

Management contact:

Pradip Nayak
Neel Nanda : 847-532-0254
Puja Services: 815-916-5242
Prasad/Food Service: 815-916-5242
Priest Services (At-Home): 815-916-5242
Finance/Donation: 815-916-5242