Upcoming Event: New Year 2024 PUJA on Monday, Jan 1, 2024, 1 PM.

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Welcome to Shri Jagannath Temple of Greater Chicago

At : 2295 Church Rd, Aurora, IL, 60502.   Ph# 815-916-JAGA (5242)

Temple Service time: SUNDAY 12 PM to 5 PM. Service on request other days.

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    Jagannath Culture

    Jagannath-Dharma is a compendium of, probably,all existing and possible facets of spirituality. Its autonomous richness combines and absorbs within its fold across  cultures.

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    SJSGC performs various types of philanthropic activities in areas like natural calamity, food drive, back to school drive and orphanage. 

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    Sunday Puja Calendar

    Every Sunday one devotee sponsor Shree Jagannath Puja.Please check the calendar for availability.

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    SJSGC celebrate variety of events including daily & Sunday puja. Throughout the year all major festivals are celebrated in its own unique way.